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Why We Launched

Foundry’s contact centre in Dublin has been generating leads for B2B technology marketers since 2011. Over that time we have listened carefully to marketing teams, and understand that challenges can often occur when teams consider the onward journey of their marketing leads. The challenge for technology marketers is showing return on marketing investment and avoiding leaks in their sales pipelines. We knew that we could offer the specialisation and infrastructure that many teams needed to solve this problem, as well as improving productivity and managing costs. Learn more about Foundry’s Sales Development Services here.

Why Outsource your sales development team

Partnering with Foundry Sales Development Services, you get all the advantages of an expert team without any of the challenges associated with managing, recruiting or retaining valuable staff. We work where you need us, so if your Spanish speaker suddenly leaves or your focus moves from one region to another, all you have to do is let us know and we can slot in where you need us. We have ready-trained teams that are available to suit your needs and can get to work immediately. We also undertake continual training and development sessions to ensure the very best service to individuals we speak to on your behalf.

How We Work With You

Crucially, we work with your database, and nurture leads on your behalf.

We understand that each organisation has a unique way of working. You may already have a sales development team in place, or you might be starting from scratch. Whatever your situation, partnering with Foundry Sales Development Services ensures access to premium people, processes and technology without any changes to your in-house infrastructure.

We become a true extension of your team, so we can work from your email and CRM systems, ensuring a smooth process for you and your customers.

“We understand the marketplace and have solutions to exactly meet your needs”

Liz Miller
Sales Director

Boutique At Scale

Boutique doesn’t have to mean limited. 

The infrastructure behind Foundry Sales Development Services allows us to deliver truly bespoke programmes combined with the scale and power of a major network. Each programme is developed together with our expert team, and we focus on understanding your objectives and achieving your goals.

We work alongside existing sales and marketing operations to identify gaps and new opportunities and rapidly deliver results.  Our expert agents are highly literate in business and technology challenges, and know exactly how to deliver results.

“We work to understand your individual issues, and set up successful sales teams to drive great results”

Eamon Ramsey
Senior Business Director

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