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Increasing high-yield sales capacity | Case Study

Many global technology companies face the same problem; generating high volumes of marketing leads without the right sales capacity to follow them up and convert them to SQL.

One global technology client found themselves in this position and asked IDG Sales Development Services to help them solve their problem. They had an excellent team in place, but needed a partner to allow them to scale up at the same quality.

The SDS Programme

After careful consultation with our teams, a 60-day programme consisting purely of lead nurture/qualification was agreed for their European database to increase high-yields sales capacity. A team of three agents was allocated, and were up and running within two weeks of booking.

Halfway through the trial the client also asked for support regarding event promotion and setting meetings for their reps at that event.

Following the success of this trial programme, the client extended the booking for six months to cover additional countries.

For all programmes, the SDS team were fully integrated into their internal systems, and regular reporting took place.

The Results to Achieve High-Yields Sales Capacity

Results have been consistently high performing, and our team has become a true extension of the client’s own internal team.

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