Launching a lead nurturing campaign

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How does Foundry SDS launch a lead nurturing campaign?

Pre-launch and launch phase

Before launching a campaign, we work closely with you to understand your product, competitors, and tech stack. We get to know your own process, including product narratives, ICPs/personas, intent sources and specific areas of focus (e.g. vertical industries). We agree on what a lead looks like. Our teams are accustomed to adapting quickly: in the pre-campaign phase, we immerse them in the detail of your own USPs and product offers.

We develop workflows and talk tracks to suit your ICP and data sets. By the time we launch, all workflows and frameworks have been agreed.

Work closely with your team

Become familiar with your process

Develop workflows and frameworks

What to expect post-launch

  • Consistent focus on optimising MQL to SAL conversion
  • Ongoing prioritisation and optimisation of lead data
  • Continuous product training to refine our representatives’ ability to communicate your offering
  • Our team leaders offer daily or weekly, as required
  • Weekly meetings: detailed discussion of activities, results, feedback, optimisation
  • Monthly meetings: in order to track progress against agreed target KPIs
  • Quarterly meetings: at which we compare the results we have generated against your strategic objectives

Your lead nurturing team at Foundry SDS

When you outsource business development to Foundry SDS, you work with a dedicated team of business development representatives (BDRs).

Your team will look like this:

  • A senior business director is responsible for understanding your objective and KPIs in depth. Ensures our programmes remain aligned with them from start to finish
  • Service delivery manager identifies and manages resourcing, responsible for programme results. Actively optimises campaigns
  • Team leader manages business development representatives and works with the client to ensure that the team is trained, incentivised and successful
  • Business development representatives is chosen for their languages and experience. Pre-trained in soft skills.

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