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Business development: our 10 operating principles

Before and during our campaigns, each of our teams follow ten operating principles:

We represent you

After in-depth training, we assume your organisation’s identity. We don’t call “in association” with you. We represent you directly, becoming a seamless extension of your in-house business development team.

We optimise the campaigns we run for you

We optimise for results, continuously. Each campaign team is led by an experienced service delivery manager: optimisation is major part of their job.

We integrate with your systems

We aim for seamless client-side integration, working with the same platforms, databases, tools and plug-ins as your teams. Whatever tools your organisation prefers, we’re likely to know them well. We follow agreed rules for interaction to avoid communication errors.

We’re data-driven

We are a metrics-driven organisation: our reporting specialists ensure that the right data is available to us and you on a daily basis, or as required.

We work in a structured way across multiple channels

We follow processes for frequency of contact across all channels (social, email, in-person calls) before either allocating leads to the next stage of nurturing or handing them back to our main point of contact.

We treat each lead as a person

Before and during the lead nurturing cycle, we continuously research our prospects, their role and working environment, looking for potential pain points that your product or service can address.

We follow the rules

You can trust us with your database: we are 100% GDPR-compliant and work within all relevant regulatory frameworks (data privacy, email subscription rules etc)

We know when enough is enough

When a lead falls below our thresholds for responsiveness, we return it to you after reaching our agreed communication caps (e.g. 5 x calls per cadence, 2 emails per week, 4 cadences per year).

We coach our teams continuously

Training and coaching specialists work with all of our business development representatives. Each is trained in meticulous detail about your products, customers, challenges and competitors. Our metrics-based approach means that we can quickly identify situations in which specific operatives will benefit from additional coaching.

We only hand off high quality leads

We never pass a lead over until we are sure that it meets the criteria we have agreed with you. Our Quality Assurance (QA) team checks the inputs for each lead to ensure it meets the quality threshold agreed with you.

What makes us different?

We are a skilled resource, ready to go

We offer a skilled resource, backed by highly-experienced management and robust infrastructure. Our teams go to work on behalf of clients in over 40 languages in local and regional markets around the world, 24 hours a day.

Strategically rigorous, tactically flexible

Delivering consistent peak performance requires a balance. Our processes are the result of years of operational experience. But we never hesitate to optimise in search of advantage. Whatever the market conditions, we have the tools and techniques to accelerate delivery.

Global. Regional. Local.

We scale to meet your needs. Whether it’s a conference in Paris, SaaS renewals in east Asia or inbound leads on the US east coast, we deliver the leads your sales teams need.

The legacy of experience SDS is a subsidiary of IDG, the market-leading technology media, data and marketing services business. Lead nurturing is what we do: our contact centre in Dublin has been following the sun to generate and nurture them since 2011.

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