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We’re experts in one thing: Lead nurturing

The concept of brining potential or existing customers from a state of consideration to the point at which they are ready to take action is well-understood. Yet on the journey from consideration to decisions, as many as seven out of ten marketing qualified leads (MQLs) will fall by the wayside and fail to become sales accepted leads (SALs). Using lead nurturing to improve that ratio is the single most efficient revenue growth strategy available to most technology companies.

However, delivering high quality lead nurturing programs at scale, on a consistent basis, remains a challenge for most organisations.

This is what we do, and we do it well. Over the years, we have invested significantly in the human expertise and systems required to run high-performance lead nurturing programs for the technology industry. By working with us, you will improve conversion rates, drive up sales performance and manage the cost of business development more effectively.

Lead nurturing process

At Foundry Sales Development Services (SDS) we guide each customer’s journey toward conversion on your behalf, operating as a seamless extension of your in-house business development team. Once we bring your leads to the right level of maturity, we hand them off to you for final conversion.

Our service is:

  • Multi-touch and multi-channel: customisable to your requirements
  • Scalable: available for national, regional or global campaigns in 40+ languages
  • Transparent, honest and data driven: a structured schedule of meetings to discuss progress and optimisation, with metrics available on request
  • Experienced: built on a deep knowledge of the IT industry, languages and lead nurturing techniques
  • Underpinned by: robust infrastructure, quick integration with leading clients and high-calibre business development teams based in Dublin, Ireland

Accelerating the pipeline: our approach

The technology industry invests vast sums on brand-building and awareness generation. But in the space between lead generation and closure, lead nurturing is often adversely affected by the following factors.

  • In-house sales development teams constrained by a combination of high fixed costs and variable workloads
  • The allocation of specialist lead nurturing tasks to non-specialist sales teams, which typically generates sub-optimal results
  • Lack of nurturing expertise among Channel partners or within your in-house sales teams
  • The challenge of language skills and global time zone coverage
  • The costs of training sales representatives to the required level in an environment where staff turnover can be high

Our mission is to improve and revive performance. We achieve this consistently because we do something that few rivals can: we maintain the resource required to operate at scale. This not only gives us the ability to rapidly deploy nurturing teams fluent in 40+ languages. It also means that our clients benefit from a consistent approach and a deep pool of in-house talent, led by a management team with decades of experience in converting MQLs to SALs on behalf of the world’s leading technology companies.

For our clients, this approach delivers proven results: accelerated customer journeys, superior conversion rates and improved revenue generation.

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